Gps Tracking Devices for all types and makes of vehicles

If you want to protect your family, track your sporting progress, monitor and locate your assets, manage your mobile workforce or simply give yourself peace of mind when we can help for all types and makes of vehicles.

Assets In Transit ,Asset Tracking Devices

Our technology offers our clients to use tracking devices in order to track their assets under high end monitoring, under our armed reaction services.

Private Vehicle Recovery

One of our services that we offer is a private vehicle recovery service for all south africans of which we go out and canvas local and surrounding areas in order to locate our clients vehicle using our technology and various security agencies and SAPS.

Armed escorts

Revert Armed Escorts will escort your cargo to and from your premises at any time, and to any destination within South Africa’s borders. Each Revert escort officer is, well trained and PSIRA registered. All Revert escort vehicles are equipped with two-way radios, panic buttons and live tracking. We also offer unarmed escorts as an alternative solution.

Armed Response
Our experienced Armed Response Officers deliver RAPID RESPONSE and are highly effective in Crime Prevention

Private Detective

Medical Assistance

Towing Assistance
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